What is Our "Why"?

I am lucky to be surrounded by some incredible friends who they themselves own businesses in various stages. Some have built many successful businesses and some are on their journey just like me.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I was sitting down and having coffee and breakfast. It was one of the nicer 55 degree days that were sparse in March and I was having an amazing conversation with Chelsea from Chelsea’s Boutique. Chelsea has a way of asking no B.S. questions that dive into your soul and make you think for hours afterward; I always greatly enjoy our chats even though they are spread out.

Towards the end of our 2-hour chat, she asked me

‘What’s your goal for your business this year?’

I responded: ‘I want to double my revenue again this year’

She smiled understandingly: ‘You know, I too was at that stage in my business where all I worried about was revenue. It wasn’t until I read Simon Sinek’s Start with Why that I figured out the ‘why’ behind my business and the revenue took care of itself. I encourage you to read it. Why do you think revenue is such a driver behind your motivation?’

I thought about it for a second. It was a tough question. Revenue wasn’t really the driving force behind the business. It was just a goal that I had come up with in January to give me something to shoot for that year. But it I hard time pinpointing what my real drive behind my business was. I couldn’t answer her at the time.

The question stuck with me for days. I woke up every morning thinking about what was it that caused me to wake up at 4:45 am (most mornings) and go to work and clean cars for other people. And then come home and do all the other things that I needed to do to keep it humming along. And I do it all happily. Like I really enjoy it. But why? Why was this such a hard question to answer?

Days turned into a couple of weeks. It’s very common for me to wear headphones and listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and music while I detail. I just kind of let myself flow into my work. Two of my employees were there and it suddenly hit me.

I knew the WHY behind my business! I dropped my polisher immediately and ran to my office and Sam, one of my PT guys looked very confused and I yelled ‘WAIT TILL YOU SEE THIS!’

I quickly wrote down on my whiteboard in my office;

“We believe that your vehicle is an extension of your personality. Our goal is to make it look the way you have always wanted.”

I brought in both of my employees and they read it and both agreed that it was very fitting. It was longer when I first thought of it but it will always be something that will evolve and change with the times.

Without a doubt in my mind this is the reason why I love doing what I do. The best thing in the world is a person taking the time out of their day to tell me what it is about this particular vehicle that did it for them. I like seeing the passion behind peoples eyes when the explain to me when they were on the test drive that this was the one for them.

I don’t know what it is about man and machine that connects us but there is something to it. There is something about getting out of a sports car that when you get done driving it your adrenaline is pumping so hard your hands are shaking and you can’t get the smile off of your face. The feeling of clicking through gears and listening to the exhaust wail and the car begging for more. And then the burble and backfire as you let off and slow down.

But there’s also something just as awesome as the minivan that finally gets the kids to and from a 6-hour car ride without the parents having to go see a counselor for a week afterwards because of the whining and crying that goes on.

Or the luxury car that when you arrive at the fancy business dinner that you step out feeling more powerful and everyone can see it too. And the people your meeting when they see you get out of it they know what’s up.

All we do is simply make the car look as good as what your imagination wants it to be.