Engine Bay Cleaning

Full Engine Bay Cleaning

A clean vehicle doesn’t just mean cleaning the parts you can see. If your vehicle looks good on the outside, but is a mess under the hood – you could be damaging your vehicles performance.

Our full service engine bay cleaning scrubs and cleans what’s under the hood. So no matter if you’re getting ready for your next car show or just looking to take better care of your vehicle, schedule your next appointment today.

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Full Engine Bay Cleaning

Why Should You Clean Your Engine Bay?

Here are some reasons you may not have thought of for cleaning your engine and engine compartment:

  • It’s easier to spot potential trouble before it becomes a major problem. If your engine is filthy, you’re not going to know if that small fluid leak has been there forever, or if it just appeared. Clean engines make leaks, cracks and other problems easier to spot.
  • Remove road salt and debris that can lead to corrosion if they’re allowed to accumulate.
  • Remove debris that can cause hot spots to form on the engine and its components, shortening their lives.
  • Prevent the buildup of combustible materials, such as leaves or oil, that are fire hazards on the road and in the garage.
  • A clean engine is more enjoyable to work on and look at.
  • A vehicle with a clean engine and engine compartment has a higher resale value.
Why Should You Clean Your Engine Bay?