Wash and Wax

  • High quality wash
  • Wheels and tires cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • High quality paint wax
  • Windows cleaned

Why Choose the Wash & Wax Service?

  • Protect your car against environment elements
  • Protect your car paint
  • Reduce costs of refinishing and repairs

Automotive detailing services such as waxing have many benefits with some positively impacting the car’s performance and safety. Waxing is one of the ways to improve your car’s durability and help it maintain its brand-new look.

Research has shown that most people wax their cars mostly for aesthetic value rather than for the protective reasons. Although one may decide to wax his/her car right at home, there are several auto detailing companies that deal with these services professionally.

When is the right time to wax your vehicle?

One thing to help you know if your car needs waxing is its environment. If you car is mostly in a parked garage or enclosed outdoor parking where it is well-protected from elements, then waxing it roughly twice or more a year would be enough to keep it in shape.

But if your car is often exposed to elements, maybe because you are always on the road or because it is mostly parked outside in the open, you will need to have it waxed around three or four times a year. Rain, road salt, debris, ultraviolet rays, industrial pollution, bird droppings and dust particles are all elements that negatively affect your car’s paint slowly by slowly.

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When is the right time to wax your vehicle?